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Beware of the $149 Car Alarm with Installation!

This creature rears its ugly head each and every summer when business is slow for many retailers and offers “hope” to those of us looking to get a car security system installed for a real good price. The problem is, this offer is almost always inaccurate.
False advertising you say? Not necessarily, because there are actually still some cars on the road that this will apply to.
To help you really get an idea what I’m talking about here, let’s begin with the factors involved in a car security system.
First, you must purchase the security system. There …

Car Radio Installation Made Easy…Not so Fast

Remove the dash panel, unscrew the radio from it’s bracket, attach the power and speaker wires to the new radio, place it into the installation kit, mount the installation kit into the dash, replace the dash panel and away you go!
Man, it was so damned simple back in the day- remember that Saturday afternoon when you tackled the car radio upgrade in just an hour or so?
Times have changed, cars have changed and the industry has changed when it comes to “simple car radio installation”, which makes it even more valuable to have your local …

Where’s Blu-ray for the car?

This is a question I get asked every so often and I decided to scribble a bit about this topic. Everyone is busy upgrading their vehicles’ audio systems, integrating Bluetooth and iPod interfaces, so sooner or later the Blu-ray question had to rear its head, right?

Take great TV on the Road or the Water!

If you’re like some of us and have decided that watching DVD’s in your SUV or Boat isn’t enough and your cruddy little analog TV tuner no longer works (By the way, it doesn’t anymore), it’s time to consider the ultimate in mobile TV entertainment with a Mobile Satellite TV System from KVH.
The KVH TracVision System consists of a 30 inch low-profile antenna that attaches to your vehicle’s roof; either with a special roof rack mount or roof mount kit. The patented, automotive-grade housing comes in clear-coated high-gloss black or silver and is rugged enough …

Improving your digital audio life….

Would you believe me if I told you we now have a device that will dramatically improve the sound of all the MP3 files you have stored on your computer, no matter what bit rate you recorded them in?
So you can access all of the music you have in iTunes on your computer that you thought you would only play on your iPod. Would you believe me if I told you it would also improve the sound of any CD that you record on your computer; so that it sounds even better than the same …

Alpine’s New Line of PDX Amplifiers- More Wattage for the Buck!

When Alpine introduced their groundbreaking lineup of PDX digital car amplifiers a couple of years ago, the response and performance were excellent.
These amps set a new standard for car amplifiers by allowing the customer to have reliable power and flexibility without taking up half the space in the vehicle.

Listen!!!  There’s a Difference between “Made Overseas” and “Made Overseas”

If there’s one thing that drives me crazy, it’s people who don’t listen. (Besides folks who pass on having the pro’s handle car installation)
Let me clarify a bit here… I recently had a client purchase some speakers and express “disappointment” over the fact that they were actually manufactured overseas. This disappointment came despite my explaining to this client that they had purchased a great product by a company that oversaw every aspect of its product’s design and manufacture.

Car Audio Speaker Upgrades Part Two

When looking to upgrade your car’s existing speakers, you have many choices. It’s our job at Ask the Advisors to make your selection easier, thanks to over 28 years in the business and some pretty reliable brands that we offer.
When searching for replacement car speaker systems, always remember

Sharp Quattron LCD TVs and Color Tips for the Home

Sharp Corporation will introduce into the Japanese market four models in the new LV Series of 3D-compatible AQUOS Quattron 3D LCD TVs with four-primary-color technology. In addition, Sharp will introduce four new high-image-quality models in the LX Series and two models in the XF Series of AQUOS Quattron LCD TVs. Both 2D and 3D images are vividly reproduced based on four-primary-color technology.
Sharp developed four-primary-color technology based on its

Car Speaker Upgrades – Part One

When the time comes to upgrade your car’s speaker system, you need to take into account your expectations and what kind of performance you desire. There are tons of brands and models out there touting the best sound quality, which can make your decision all the more confusing.
In this blog, I’m going to discuss the line of car audio speakers we offer by Morel.
Morel offers over thirty years of loudspeaker design in both the home

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