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Satellite Radio For the Car

Satellite Radio For the Car – Your last option can be Better!
Since I run into this more frequently these days, I figured it might be a good thing to clear the air over what makes a good versus crappy RF Modulated Satellite Radio kit for your car.
If you’ve decided to get Satellite radio for your ride (either Sirius or XM) there are three ways you can have it in your vehicle. Your car offers this option as an add-on, you can select an after-market radio and add it there- or your last option would be to …

The wire conundrum: as it were

We get a ton of questions about “Wire” at Ask the Advisors,
and there is a lot of confusion out there regarding wire so here will be some facts from the world according to Ron regarding wire.
One of the most interesting questions we get a lot is “does wire actually make a difference?” This is one of the easiest questions to answer in the entire Audio / Video industry. Of course it does! If you think about this for even a moment you will realize that wire has to make a difference. First consider …

3D or not 3D at home….

To 3D at home or not to 3D at home; That is the question.
Let’s start with a basic statement
In essence the goal of recreation, whether for music or video has always been to try to create the illusion of reality; a 3D model of the original musical performance or the video in your home.
Ok, we can all agree on this right?
Now let’s step in the waaay back machine for a minute. Do you remember the 3D movies of old, with the 2 color glasses you wore, and your having to hold your head straight …

Choosing a Radar Detector

The weather’s changing and it’s time to take that nice ride down I-95. Well, I know I’m reaching here. Top down, windows open, stereo on about level 30, you know the drill. That also means it’s time to invest in something that’ll not only make your ride more enjoyable but will also save you money in the long run. The radar detector. Making sure you have a good reliable radar detector

Ask The Advisors installs Meridian’s new 4k projector

Ask The Advisors installs Meridian’s new 4k projector

Last month Ask The Advisors had an opportunity to install one of Meridian’s ultra-impressive 810 Reference video systems. This behemoth is a two-chassis video projection system consisting of a 3-chip D-ILA projector with a resolution of 4096 x 2400 and a high-horsepower scaler that up converts both SD and HD sources to almost 10 megapixels. Considering that the new 1080p flat screen you’ve been ogling is barely 2 megapixels, this is quite a jump in resolution.
Not only could it show four simultaneous 1080p programs at full resolution (with …

Home Digital Home…

The technology is new, but the situation is not, Consider this…..

The electric light and the telephone didn’t become common until well after they were invented. It’s simply because nobody knew what to do with them. There wasn’t anything to plug in and there wasn’t anybody else with a phone to talk to. The technology existed, but the applications hadn’t been invented yet.


At its most basic level, you could say that the Audio / Video industry was founded by a group of people who truly loved music.

Good music was the first killer application that consumers were willing to spend big money on. Brand loyalties were deep rooted and names like McIntosh, Marantz, and B&W (Bowers and Wilkins) were created by music fanatics because what was available to buy was just not good enough for them; and they proudly put their names on the products they developed. Audiophiles were an established market niche long before custom installation …

So what is it with speakers anyway?

We get a lot of questions about speakers here, so just for fun I am going to cover a few of the very common ones, and perhaps dispel a myth or two while I am at it.
Myth Number 1)

I can buy speakers on the Internet or out of a van in the Publix parking lot and save a ton of money, and I hear they are just as good as the ones you sell. Ok, where do I start here?
First if a company only sells their speakers on the internet there is a very …

Why Panamax Surge Protection?

There are at least 3 reasons to have a good home theater line conditioner: Surge Protection, Improved Picture/Sound (line filtering), and Power On Sequencing. Do not assume your picture or sound cannot be improved over it’s current state!
Panamax products WILL protect your system, and they are guaranteed by Panamax to do so. Power Protection and Surge Suppression should not be taken lightly! There are all sorts of claims out there about various

Rolex Grand Am Daytona Prototype…On Location

Come spend some time at Ask the Advisors on Tuesday October 8th.
We have the honor of displaying the actual AIM fields No. 61 Ford Riley Daytona Prototype Racecar that will be in the Rolex Grand Am series with lead driver Mark Wilkins in Homestead, Florida in a two weeks.
The race series features purpose-built racecars in the Daytona Prototype class and race modified street cars in the GT class. The history of the car is well documented. It is from constructor Riley Technologies and is chassis number 001. This particular car won the series championship in …

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