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Lutron | Radio RA 2 Discover total light control

What is light control?

Light control is the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light in a room or throughout your whole home. With Lutron, you can adjust the amount of daylight with electronically controlled shades and drapes, electric lights with dimmers and switches. And you can conveniently control it all with keypads, sensors, and other light control devices to create the perfect balance of daylight and electric light to suit your lifestyle.

What are the benefits?
Having the ability to create a range of light levels throughout your home, rather than simply turning …

Navigating the Car Audio Speaker Jungle

Let’s face it…

The audio system that usually comes with your vehicle tends to lack a certain, well…I suppose you can fill in the blank with what comes to mind!
Today’s factory car audio systems are improved, incorporating multi-media radios, multi-channel amplifiers and even powered subwoofers. Despite all these available upgrades, most factory systems still lack the fidelity and definition that most of us are used to from our home audio counterparts. The weakest link in just about every factory system tends to be what should be the MOST IMPORTANT, the speakers!
When it comes time to replace …

Adding a Subwoofer- More than just “boom” here

You’ve just picked up that new album, loaded it into your CD player and hit the on-ramp to enjoy some killer tunes. As you roll the volume up to- oh about 20 or so, you notice that this great CD seems to be a bit light so you then proceed to turn the bass level up to plus 5- hoping that your ears will get what you paid for. (Yikes!)… Chuck
Instead of a nice well-rounded sound, you hear the abrupt popping and slapping of your door speakers as they fail miserably to reproduce the bass …

STOP! Don’t Touch that Factory Radio!

You’ve got yourself a nice ride and have put it through the paces on the highway, yet something’s missing after you become used to the drone of the exhaust…. Chuck

After spending a good bit of the past week trying out your favorite CD’s, you’ve realized that your awesome ride has a less-than- adequate sound system, and you begin the daunting task of researching ways to improve it.

Abbey Road Remasters The Beatles on B&W

“B&W have surpassed themselves yet again. Immediately on hearing the new N800D’s we decided to equip all of Abbey Road’s control rooms that have surround monitoring. They are all biamplified by the excellent Classe CA – M400’s and used in combination with the mighty new ASW855 sub. The N800D’s clarity and evenness throughout an extensive frequency range produces stunning results. We’re also investing in

Car Amplifiers The Next Generation

“I often thumb through mobile audio publications and never seem to reach the back cover without coming across at least 10 new amplifier manufacturers that claim to have the latest and greatest amp on the planet.” …Chuck

I’ve spent my time working in the Car Audio Audio Industry for nearly the past 20 years

Guiltless Green Home Theater Overview

The new construction housing market has slowed. Remodels and retrofit projects are still vibrant. Green is the ultimate buzz word.
The concept of this project was to create a home theater in combination with a green component, the choice of which was solar panels. The power developed by the panels would more than offset the usage of the theater. We chose to use four Sharp 175 watts panels. These produce 700 watts per hour, which was tied into the main panel of the house. No battery is required because the entire house draws off the solar …

HTSA, Sharp Certify 23 in Solar Installation

“Congratulations Michael Candea” for recieving the Solar Energy Certification on behalf of Ask The Advisors from The Home Theater Specialists of America (HTSA) and Sharp.

Ethical Standards as a Business Model

I choose to believe that the trust that a client purchases when they hire a CEDIA member company is well placed. One of the primary reasons that CEDIA was formed was to establish custom electronics design and installation as a valid profession, a profession on par with, say, architects. We wanted to dispel the image of trunk slamming electronic cowboys with no business planning beyond raising this weekend’s beer budget. We have worked very hard to create enough value to charge for our design, engineering and project management just like …

B&W Introduces the ISW-4 in-wall subwoofer

B&W debuts first in-wall subwoofer

“Need big sound, slamming bass and audiophile bass extension, but don’t want to see where it comes from? Then the ISW-4 in-wall subwoofer is for you. Two long-throw 200 mm (8 in) drivers allow it to move the large volumes of air needed for high-quality low-frequency output. The ISW-4 is housed

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