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Come Check Out These HOT Home Audio Deals!

You heard right! We have some hot deals going on right now, but it’s only while supplies last so hurry up and come in today!
Here’s a short list of what we have available:

Secure Passwords (Pt. 6)

beyond just security, the password manager route is a very handy solution. Having all your accounts handy on all your devices and being able to simply logon with the once strong password is a very convenient route indeed.

Secure Passwords (Pt. 5)

Of course the chances are your passwords aren’t real secure to begin with and all this process is doing is keeping a secure record of bad passwords. This is a great time to do some housekeeping and 1Password makes it very easy.

Secure Passwords (Pt. 4)

First and foremost, the word “secure” is frequently thrown around like it’s an absolute term. It’s not. Look no further than the Stuxnet virus; computers running the centrifuges in Iranian nuclear facilities entirely disconnected from the internet were successfully targeted by the virus. Surely those systems would have been considered “secure” by any reasonable definition of the word.

Secure Passwords (Pt. 3)

Having your username and password compromised from one website is inconvenient. Having multiple sites compromised (financial institutions, email), that’s scary.

Home Audio: McIntosh MT10 now on display!!

There are no other words for this turntable and cartridge combination…it is MAGICAL.

Secure Passwords (Pt. 2)

Firstly, what exactly is a weak password? Let me answer this in a roundabout way by focusing on strong passwords; a strong password is one which has a high degree of what we call entropy, or in simple terms, one that is as long and as random (in terms of both character types and sequence), as possible.

Secure Passwords (Pt. 1)

Every time you create a new account for a website, are you creating a new unique password for that account? Do you use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation as well?

Home Audio: Wireless That Actually Sounds Good?!

The DAC 1 Wireless USB brings a whole new world of musical experience and options to your hi-fi capability.

Home Theater Speaker Systems-Perfect Vision: Editor’s Choice

The Perfect Vision has given the TritonCinema Two System their Editor’s Choice Greatest Overachiever Award for speaker systems in the $2500 to $4999 price range!
We are very honored, to say the least, to add this to the flood of awards we have received in the past few weeks.

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