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Integrated Amps And You…Or Why A Receiver May Not Be The Right Choice For Your Audio System

The integrated amp has been a staple of audio buyers in Europe and Asia for many years, while here in the US we tend to ignore them.  So I ask why that is?
An integrated amp is just what it sounds like; an amplifier and pre-amplifier in 1 box…without a tuner.  No tuner you ask, no…and when was the last time you sat down at home to listen to the radio?
I have attached a link to a recent article in the AV Guide about integrated amps.  If you look through it you will see a large …

New Web Site HDLiving.com Turns Up the Volume on Home Technology

Follow HD Living:
There are thousands of technology sites on the Web that cater to tech geeks, music lovers, and movie fanatics. But something has long been missing—a site that goes above and beyond mainstream home technology to showcase how high-end audio, video, and control technologies can make everyone’s life a little simpler and a lot more enjoyable. Today, that gap has been filled with the launch of HDLiving.com, the first magazine that transforms high-definition from a term with a purely technical bent to one that defines an exclusive, luxury lifestyle.
As consumers are …

Solutions for Adding More to Your Stock/OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Stereo; Several Solutions Now on the Market…That Work Too!

Over the past several years, the concept of adding popular options to your factory stereo system was limited to either having the dealer install it for you (at a premium price) or replacing the stereo with a unit that gave you these options, such as Satellite Radio, HD Radio, iPod control or Bluetooth.
Although there are many vehicles out there that may not be able to take advantages of the latest round of technological advances, there are now some great solutions.
Many vehicles now come “ready” for Satellite Radio (XM or Sirius), Auxiliary inputs and Bluetooth- and …

Are we running out of IP addresses?

The simple answer is yes, we are running out of IP addresses, or at least the addresses we are used to seeing today.

The current formula for web addresses, known as “IPv4”, creates addresses using various combinations of four integers. This means there are only a little more than 4 billion different configurations which just isn’t enough to keep up with today’s increasing demand.

Many experts agree that we are running out of IP addresses but no one is sure how long we have until it becomes a serious problem. Some have said it could happen as soon as the end of this year. Is there anything that …

Spotlight- Kenwood’s KDCX-994 In-Dash CD Player

When shopping for a Car CD player, there’s no shortage of brands and models out there to choose from- everything from the $99 el-cheapo to the over-the-top model that does pretty much everything.
Question is, what do you want from your car radio? It’s a crucial question to ask- especially if you plan on adding features later.
The craze these days includes iPod Integration, Satellite Radio, Bluetooth Integration and even HD Radio– all great features that everyone wants one or all of on their car stereo system.
One such radio on the market is the KDC-X994 from Kenwood. …

How to Recognize an Email Scam or Phishing Attempt

Email scams, or phishing, aren’t going anywhere any time soon. As much as we’d like to think that people we know aren’t taken in by messages like above, chances are you know of someone who has fallen for a scam. It’s easy enough to recognize a scam email message if you know what to look for, so let’s take some time to break down an email I recently received (below).

The Email Header:

First, take a look at the sender. There are a few red flags here:

The sender’s name is “Facebook”
The sender’s email address is not “@facebook.com” …

Are HDMI1.4 problems a Pandemic?

Some installers are ready to quit out of frustration. DPL Labs upgrades cable testing procedures to filter out problems.

Jeff Boccaccio, president of DPL Labs, had nearly 70 calls last week from installers who were frustrated with non-functioning HDMI systems.
“It’s a pandemic,” he says. “It’s getting so bad that some integrators tell me that they are just going to quit and get out of the business. It’s sad for the whole industry.”

DPL Labs Unveils Tougher Testing
Boccaccio and DPL Labs have become a de facto consulting firm for hundreds of custom installers. And to help mitigate problems in …

Network Security, Making Sense Of It All – Part IV

Emergency! What do I do?

Okay. The worst has just happened and you think your network has been infected with a virus. The first rule is DON’T PANIC! A virus infection has happened to others and was bound to happen to you at some point.
Again DON’T PANIC!, here’s what you do:
1. Identify what infection you have.
You may have to do some research on an anti-virus Web site if your anti-virus program can’t specifically identify which virus has entered your system. If your anti-virus program has all of its updates, it should be able to identify the …

Network Security, Making Sense Of It All – Part III

I told you I would give you some tips for basic antivirus protection. Keep these “Do’s and Don’ts” in mind:

Do run the anti-virus program in full-time, background, automatic, auto-protect, or similar mode. Just make sure you run it. If you don’t scan the computer you won’t find any bugs!
Do educate your family/coworkers about the anti-virus program you are using and how it works. This helps eliminate confusion, and everyone will be less likely to try to disable the anti-virus program on their own computers.
Do enable scans of the memory, master and boot …

Networking Security, Making Sense Of It All – Part II

Viruses cost you money, and the threat is not going to go away any time soon. The communication between applications only makes it easier for virus designers to release viruses that can spread quickly and quietly without your knowledge. Maybe an understanding or an anti-virus software may help.

Anti-virus programs are often configured incorrectly and have out-of-date definitions, this is just as bad as not having any protection at all!

All AV scanners, including products like Norton, TrendMicro and McAfee work with a database of definitions that contain information about viruses; these bits of information are called …

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