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Conductivity is Everything With Cables

Why using the right cables is just as important as the equipment you choose to connect it to. Starting  from the power cable to the components  the video source all the way to the television and  from the audio source all the way to the speakers. Just like most things in life your system is only as good as its weakest link and you get what you pay for. No matter if it is digital or analog, conveying the information with as much signal integrity as possible means the difference between hearing all of the harmonics and three-dimensional sound stage or just some of it or seeing all the picture quality or not.

It is a common misconception that because a signal is in the digital domain, the cable quality is unimportant. This has been disproven with comparative listening tests between various digital audio cables. Differences are definitely heard and can be attributed to materials and composition of the connectors as well as the cable and the dielectric and even the insulation material!

TV picture differences in terms of background noise artifacts, edge-definition, solidity of blacks and whites as well as color-purity is very apparent with different cables. Less expensive cables use a coating that simply looks like gold because the manufacturer is aware that the buyer might purchase a cable with a gold connector, but the metal is impure and in fact contains no gold and will therefore not convey the signal with any improvement at all and in fact might even convey the signal in a diminished way due to the introduction of the purely cosmetic gold color into the coating of the connector. Yes, better cables do look and sound better even in the digital domain and more expensive cables are not just profit producers. In the end however, like anything in audio/video, you should do your own comparative experiments and determine if the differences that you see and hear are worth the price asked. At some point there does come a point of diminishing return based on any system design that’s why it’s important to Ask The Advisors what will work best for your application and help design your system properly and efficiently.


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