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Created in 1980 and started in 1972 the quest for good audio has been a long and evasive task, but it seems that there are only a few that have had success in gaining any ground. Bill Lows’ Audio Quest has achieved what others have tried to do in a short while.

Audio Quest has some interesting techniques for taming noise, and also for keeping noise from the outside, i.e. RF, from getting into your music, and ultimately your head. As an example, the solid conductor is one way they tackle some of the issues. Audio Quest believes that by using a solid conductor that they can have more control of the signal, and it is thought that when one uses a stranded type conductor that the signal has to travel for stand to strand and some of those strands end up in the middle of the bundle. This can happen thousands of times depending on the length of the wire, not to mention the different electrical values that occur when the signal is hopping from wire to wire. Solid conductors eliminate this by keeping the signal on top of the wire which in turn allows for the path of least resistance.

The quality of the copper or silver used is another important aspect of good cable design. AudioQuest uses three qualities of copper in its interconnect, speaker and power cables, solid silver in its top of the line cables, and silver-plated copper in its video and digital audio cables.

Long-Grain Copper is Audio Quest’s version of a premium grade of Oxygen Free Copper. All oxygen free copper contains some oxygen, but in reduced amounts. LGC is drawn and cast carefully so that the oxygen content is even further reduced, typically to around one sixth of a typical “High Purity” copper. This process significantly reduces the formation of copper oxides, which substantially reduces distortion caused by the grain boundaries.

Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC) is drawn and annealed though a proprietary integrated process that creates an exceptionally soft copper conductor with a smooth and uncontaminated surface. The only part of a conductor with 100% magnetic field and 100% current density is the surface. The surface purity and smoothness does more to define the sonic character, than any other parts of a conductor. AudioQuest also has a PSC+, and it incorporates a copper with a higher purity, there is also a Perfect Surface Silver PSS, which is the same process, as the PSC but uses a high purity silver.

These ideas are just an abbreviated version of the complex thoughts that they have, and hopefully by now you can see how serious AudioQuest is about their business. There are several different techniques that would be tough to elaborate on due to the length, but I challenge you to have a look at their website to educate yourself with Bill Low’s ideas. His knowledge and passion for clean and clear audio is addicting.

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