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You’ve Demonstrated Why You Have Been in Business 30+ Years!

Dear Wayne,
Marvin was here today and did a great job replacing and setting up the new Marantz receiver. I’ve run the system through the paces, and there are no signs the of previous issues.
This makes me happy since I can finally enjoy the system with my wife on a regular basis. But I am even happier that we did business with Ask The Advisors. You treated us with respect and most of all complete fairness. You really demonstrate why you are still in business after
30+ years. We will never hesitate to strongly recommend Ask The
Advisors …

Headphones: Listen Carefully!

Have you heard? It’s the latest and greatest P3 headphones from Bowers & Wilkins, and boy are they amazing! Not only do they sound good they also look great. The P3’s have a contemporary look with the rubberized matt black or white outer bits, which are then complemented by the polished aluminum metal accents. The lightweight, sleek, design is among the best I’ve ever seen. They make me want to wear them around my neck as audio jewelry just as much as I want to have them on my ears listening to them.

“The Most Awesome Staff Ever!”

To The Most Awesome Staff Ever – And Especially Mike,
Last week I was having a melt down looking for an adapter for our Sirius Radio. You guys were AMAZING! Thank you SO much. I’ve been in the business of service for over 30 years and have never seen anything like the way your whole team pitched in and helped.
You are my HERO’S and I am telling everyone!
D & D M.
Palm Beach Gardens
**All testimonials given are from customers speaking only in a personal capacity and are not compensated for the opinions given.**

Home Audio: Who is NAD and what makes them so special?

It seems there is never any shortage of companies touting their electronics as being the best, latest and greatest. Everyone has a story; a background and something that makes them stand out from everyone else.

Home Audio: “…My Excellent Experience…”

Dear Mr Brown:
I’m sorry it took so long but I wanted to give you some feedback regarding my excellent experience with your company. After talking to various people and some of your competitors about my equipment needs and options, everyone kept steering me to the surround sound for TV and movies.
Brandon Bauch was the first person to listen to what I had to say and understand that I’m not a “movie guy” but rather a “music guy.” Finally someone understands what I’m talking about! Brandon showed me the B&W speakers and the Marantz receiver. After …

Home Audio: Name Brand vs. Non-Name Brand

Why do so many people think there is magic in electronics?
I have been in this industry since 1979…and I ask myself this question almost every day. What am I talking about you ask? Let me explain…

Is there anyone reading this that thinks a Kia is a direct replacement for a Porsche 911s2? Does anyone believe that a builder selling modular homes is competition for one building 250,000.00 CBS homes? How many of you would trade your I-Pad for a Chinese made copy to save a few dollars?

No takers yet? Hmmmm…Then why is it you will …

Why you want new speakers, now!

Sure, sure I know your home speakers are just fine. Ok, they do not look so good after all those college party’s…and actually the boxes are pretty dinged up; and come to think of it they are awfully big. I am sure your wife has mentioned this a time or two.
Most of you reading this have not even looked at new speakers for a whole lot of years…and speakers have changed… a lot.

You can replace your old speakers with new ones that are smaller, better looking, sound better, hang on the wall, fit on a …

Yes, yet another Sound Bar…

So how do I write a new blog on yet another Sound Bar? Aren’t there enough of these things around already?
Perhaps this one is different…after all this is the first Sound Bar type speaker developed by B&W (Bowers and Wilkins). B&W as you may or may not know is a very famous speaker manufacturer from England known the world over for two things.

Listen!!!  There’s a Difference between “Made Overseas” and “Made Overseas”

If there’s one thing that drives me crazy, it’s people who don’t listen. (Besides folks who pass on having the pro’s handle car installation)
Let me clarify a bit here… I recently had a client purchase some speakers and express “disappointment” over the fact that they were actually manufactured overseas. This disappointment came despite my explaining to this client that they had purchased a great product by a company that oversaw every aspect of its product’s design and manufacture.

A blog about blogging…as it were.

Because of the Holidays and how crazy busy we get around here that time of year we have had no real additions to our blogs for a couple of months now.
Quite surprising to us all is the number of people that have written us and asked us to get going again. It seems that there are a good number of people that actually read and enjoy what we write.
Heck there were even a few people that admitted they learned a few things from us! I cannot tell you how surprised and happy I …

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