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Secure Passwords (Pt. 1)

Every time you create a new account for a website, are you creating a new unique password for that account? Do you use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation as well?

A blog about blogging…as it were.

Because of the Holidays and how crazy busy we get around here that time of year we have had no real additions to our blogs for a couple of months now.
Quite surprising to us all is the number of people that have written us and asked us to get going again. It seems that there are a good number of people that actually read and enjoy what we write.
Heck there were even a few people that admitted they learned a few things from us! I cannot tell you how surprised and happy I …

Why shop at specialty stores like Ask The Advisors?

You know sometimes I really wonder about the people I talk to
Just the other day I had a customer walk through the door with some questions about HDMI cables. Now HDMI can be confusing to begin with, but what was even more confusing was where he went first to try get his questions answered. He went to one of the Big Buy stores. Surprisingly enough he took the time to talk to 3 different “sales associates“ before giving up and leaving. He then stumbled upon our store by accident seeing the sign …

So what is it with speakers anyway?

We get a lot of questions about speakers here, so just for fun I am going to cover a few of the very common ones, and perhaps dispel a myth or two while I am at it.
Myth Number 1)

I can buy speakers on the Internet or out of a van in the Publix parking lot and save a ton of money, and I hear they are just as good as the ones you sell. Ok, where do I start here?
First if a company only sells their speakers on the internet there is a very …

It’s people like him that make your company

I had a system installed in my car this past week and I want to tell you my Advisor Chuck Vance was excellent.
Not only did he keep me informed every step of the way but made me feel so at home. I watched a movie on a great screen in a

Crazy Like A Fox (Sept. 2001)

Crazy Like A Fox (Sept. 2001)
Some people think Jeff Hoover is a little nuts. Not only does he take extreme personal risks, like flying a Russian MiG 25 at a record 85,301 feet, but during the past year he also has tested the comfort limits of his business partners and financiers while spending millions of dollars on a monumental design center project.

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Serving Home & Mobile Audio Products to these local South Florida communities:
Palm Beach County: Boca Raton | Boynton Beach | Delray Beach | Juno Beach | Jupiter | Lake Worth | Palm Beach | Palm Beach Gardens | Wellington | West Palm Beach
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