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Product Review: Sumiko-Project’s Expression III Turntable

The folks at Sumiko-Project continue to churn out some real nice turntables making this vinyl renaissance that we’re experiencing even more enjoyable. We offer a wide range of models from Project ranging from the Debut III to the Perspex alongside a wide range of great accessories that will help you keep your gear and records in top shape.

SONOS… Wireless Actually Works, And Works Well!

One of the questions I repeatedly get asked often centers around wireless technology when it comes to music distribution, and it wasn’t that long ago when I used to cringe because the technology and products that were available simply sucked.  Gotta be honest here!

Moving Digital Music From Your Computer To Your Audio System…Easily?

Something we are trying to do more all of the time; just got a lot easier and great sounding. Our friends at NAD have introduced the DAC1, a wireless USB Digital to Analog Converter.

Just plug the USB Dongle into your computer, plug the DAC into your Audio System and presto all of the music files stored on your computer are playing on your system.

This is not a Wi-Fi device…it is a point to point wireless device. What this means is that you get CD or better sound quality available for your files; and set up …

Home Audio: The McIntosh MXA60…What’s not to like about this little guy?

It’s one thing to sit in our showroom during the day and marvel at the gorgeous McIntosh audio gear we have here, but to see their Tube-powered mini system is a sight to behold! Take everything you know or have seen when it comes to McIntosh and imagine it all fit nicely into a compact size…The inviting green glow of the etched glass display panel, the craftsmanship and of course, the sound quality.

What you have here is simply wonderful! The McIntosh MXA60 Mini System!

This compact system only measures just over 22 inches wide and 10.6 …

More new Home Theater News…

Yes it is that time of the year when lots of new goodies start rolling in for the fall. In the last couple of weeks I have told you about some new speakers from B&W and PSB; this week the news is from our partners at NAD.
We now have all 4 of the new Audio Video receivers, and this week we expect the new 3D Blu-Ray player!

There is a lot of exciting news on the receiver front…

First, the new T748, a real NAD A/V Receiver with 3D switching, the always amazing NAD sound quality …

The new Klipsches are here… the new Klipsches are here

As you can probably tell from my headline the new Klipsch Reference Series 5 speakers have arrived.
Despite the fact that they look a lot like their predecessors they are virtually all new. There are improved Horn tweeters throughout the line, new woofers, better cabinets, upgraded crossovers. You name it and Klipsch has improved it.
So the proof is in the pudding right? I have personally had the opportunity to A-B some of the new models with the speakers they replace (we still have a few of last years here) and let me tell you …

Where’s Blu-ray for the car?

This is a question I get asked every so often and I decided to scribble a bit about this topic. Everyone is busy upgrading their vehicles’ audio systems, integrating Bluetooth and iPod interfaces, so sooner or later the Blu-ray question had to rear its head, right?

Improving your digital audio life….

Would you believe me if I told you we now have a device that will dramatically improve the sound of all the MP3 files you have stored on your computer, no matter what bit rate you recorded them in?
So you can access all of the music you have in iTunes on your computer that you thought you would only play on your iPod. Would you believe me if I told you it would also improve the sound of any CD that you record on your computer; so that it sounds even better than the same …

Car Audio Speaker Upgrades Part Two

When looking to upgrade your car’s existing speakers, you have many choices. It’s our job at Ask the Advisors to make your selection easier, thanks to over 28 years in the business and some pretty reliable brands that we offer.
When searching for replacement car speaker systems, always remember

4 Different ways to get surround sound in your home.

1.) The Soundbar
This is probably the fastest and easiest way to add a surround sound-ish system to your home. Why do I say surround sound-ish? Well because a sound bar does not actually have side or rear speakers, so it is surround-ish. While some units like the Yamaha DSP series attempt to create the sound of additional speakers; they cannot be completely convincing. Other units like the B&W Panorama are designed to provide very good sound quality but really only posses a Left, Center, Right type of configuration; there is no …

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