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Satellite Radio For the Car

Satellite Radio For the Car – Your last option can be Better!
Since I run into this more frequently these days, I figured it might be a good thing to clear the air over what makes a good versus crappy RF Modulated Satellite Radio kit for your car.
If you’ve decided to get Satellite radio for your ride (either Sirius or XM) there are three ways you can have it in your vehicle. Your car offers this option as an add-on, you can select an after-market radio and add it there- or your last option would be to …


At its most basic level, you could say that the Audio / Video industry was founded by a group of people who truly loved music.

Good music was the first killer application that consumers were willing to spend big money on. Brand loyalties were deep rooted and names like McIntosh, Marantz, B&W (Bowers and Wilkins) and Klipsch were created by music fanatics because what was available to buy was just not good enough for them; and they proudly put their names on the products they developed. Audiophiles were an established market niche long before custom …

So what is it with speakers anyway?

We get a lot of questions about speakers here, so just for fun I am going to cover a few of the very common ones, and perhaps dispel a myth or two while I am at it.
Myth Number 1)

I can buy speakers on the Internet or out of a van in the Publix parking lot and save a ton of money, and I hear they are just as good as the ones you sell. Ok, where do I start here?
First if a company only sells their speakers on the internet there is a very …

Adding a Subwoofer- More than just “boom” here

You’ve just picked up that new album, loaded it into your CD player and hit the on-ramp to enjoy some killer tunes. As you roll the volume up to- oh about 20 or so, you notice that this great CD seems to be a bit light so you then proceed to turn the bass level up to plus 5- hoping that your ears will get what you paid for. (Yikes!)… Chuck
Instead of a nice well-rounded sound, you hear the abrupt popping and slapping of your door speakers as they fail miserably to reproduce the bass …

Abbey Road Remasters The Beatles on B&W

“B&W have surpassed themselves yet again. Immediately on hearing the new N800D’s we decided to equip all of Abbey Road’s control rooms that have surround monitoring. They are all biamplified by the excellent Classe CA – M400’s and used in combination with the mighty new ASW855 sub. The N800D’s clarity and evenness throughout an extensive frequency range produces stunning results. We’re also investing in

Car Amplifiers The Next Generation

“I often thumb through mobile audio publications and never seem to reach the back cover without coming across at least 10 new amplifier manufacturers that claim to have the latest and greatest amp on the planet.” …Chuck

I’ve spent my time working in the Car Audio Audio Industry for nearly the past 20 years

Why Klipsch you ask? Let Ron explain

We at Ask the Advisors have been a Klipsch dealer now for about 7 years. Why Klipsch you ask, let our retail manager Ron Lennox explain.

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