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Ask The Advisors vs. the “Big Box” Stores…What’s the real difference?

Ask The Advisors vs Big Box Stores

In today’s sluggish economy, there is nothing more important to any business than staying alive. Ask The Advisors is still around because we always deliver the products you want, to give you the experience you imagined yourself being a part of. Referrals and repeat customers are what and will always keep us going.

So far, during my short time here at Ask The Advisors, I’ve noticed that the level of service delivered here is beyond anything I have ever been a part of. With my previous experience working in a “big box store”, I personally, have always been driven by the same goals I see implemented here at Ask The Advisors. I cannot say the same with the majority of my previous co-workers. In a “big box store”, everyone is viewed as just another customer. I love being on a team where everyone is driven to be the best at what they do by learning everything they can and providing outstanding service to every individual client. Our goal, at Ask The Advisors, is to know everything about everything in our business so that our customers can come to us with any problem and know they are in great hands. We do not want to just make our customers feel good about purchasing a product/service from us, we also want to advise our customers so that they have more knowledge and understanding about a particular product/service than they did before coming to us. After all, we are The Advisors.

One of the first things you learn when working at a big retail store is how to sell the extended warranties. The down side of shopping at a place where they sell extended warranties is they are more concerned with selling the warranties versus selling what is right for you as a customer. Here at Ask The Advisors, we don’t sell extended warranties because we believe in the reliability of our products we offer. Even when I worked for the competition, I did not ever think the warranties were beneficial for most of our customers but it was a part of my job to try and sell them on every single applicable item. The extra money that you would spend on a warranty at a big box store, you could easily get a higher quality, better performing product.

Another big difference you will notice is the gap in knowledge around all the products. My current co-workers are among the most respected and knowledgeable in the industry. Most of the employees working in the big box stores are just there to get a paycheck. My co-workers and I included are here because we find hi-fi audio as a lifestyle. Once you really listen to real hi-fi equipment, you never want to go back. You begin thinking to yourself, “How did I ever tolerate listening to all the compressed audio stored on my mp3 player before?”. Would you want someone trying to sell you a speaker that cannot answer the following question, “What are the components that make up a speaker and how do they work together?” The majority of people I used to work with at my old employer would not be able to answer that. One thing you can always count on at Ask The Advisors is if we do not have an answer, we will find you one.

I just wanted to give some insight on the differences I found between working with Ask The Advisors and my previous “big box” retailer. I hope after reading this you’ll see the differences as well. If you have questions or concerns on your next investment whether you’re purchasing a television or audio equipment, don’t go to the “big box store”, come in and ‘Ask The Advisors’! I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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