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Why shop at specialty stores like Ask The Advisors?

You know sometimes I really wonder about the people I talk to
Just the other day I had a customer walk through the door with some questions about HDMI cables. Now HDMI can be confusing to begin with, but what was even more confusing was where he went first to try get his questions answered. He went to one of the Big Buy stores. Surprisingly enough he took the time to talk to 3 different “sales associates“ before giving up and leaving. He then stumbled upon our store by accident seeing the sign …

The wire conundrum: as it were

We get a ton of questions about “Wire” at Ask the Advisors,
and there is a lot of confusion out there regarding wire so here will be some facts from the world according to Ron regarding wire.
One of the most interesting questions we get a lot is “does wire actually make a difference?” This is one of the easiest questions to answer in the entire Audio / Video industry. Of course it does! If you think about this for even a moment you will realize that wire has to make a difference. First consider …

Why Panamax Surge Protection?

There are at least 3 reasons to have a good home theater line conditioner: Surge Protection, Improved Picture/Sound (line filtering), and Power On Sequencing. Do not assume your picture or sound cannot be improved over it’s current state!
Panamax products WILL protect your system, and they are guaranteed by Panamax to do so. Power Protection and Surge Suppression should not be taken lightly! There are all sorts of claims out there about various

Our Client Process

When you are looking at hiring a low voltage firm…..
be sure to ask what process that company uses to complete projects and see it in place and working.
Our initial consultation with you will define your wants, needs and objectives. Bring a copy of your

Want To Hang Your Flat Panel TV On the Wall?

Want To Hang Your Flat Panel TV On the Wall?

Before you start drilling holes, take a look at these five important considerations:

All confusing LCD T.V. terms in one place at one time

It has come to my attention on an almost daily basis here in the store that there is a lot of confusion about a few of the terms Television manufacturers like to use to describe their displays; so I am going to try to de-mystify a few of the big ones right now. I think the biggest area of confusion at the moment is in the types of LCD displays being sold so let’s start there.

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