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Home Music: We’re Now A Meridian Dealer!

Why you ask did we decide to add Meridian into our already extensive product mix? Let me try to explain…Meridian is to regular Hi-Fi; what Calculus is to 1st grade math.

Confused? Let me try to explain more completely. If I can…

Meridian founders Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd met in Cambridge in the early 1970s and it was through a shared love of music they became friends. But it was their desire to better hear the music they loved that inspired them to design and manufacture their own audio equipment. And so Meridian was born. Bob Stuart studied Psychoacoustics, Electronic Engineering and Management at Imperial College, London. A passion for music soon led him to specialize in audio design. Allen Boothroyd trained as a mechanical engineer, going on to study industrial design at the Royal College of Art.

Meridian does virtually everything differently than most of the other companies in the Hi-Fi business. Instead of doing a Digital to Analog conversion as soon as possible and then dealing with the Analog signal throughout the gear, Meridian keeps things in the Digital domain as long as possible. This allows them to for instance create custom DSP’s for every single driver in their speakers which are in the amps that are designed specifically for each driver and are in the speaker cabinet connected directly to those drivers. Why? Control of the signal.

With this approach you can adjust for driver issues before they even happen! All speakers are mechanical motors that have flaws. Now Meridian finds the flaws and can create a custom DSP to fix the flaw before it happens. In most systems the amp just pushes on the speakers to make them play. I believe I have heard Bob refer to a regular amplifier and speaker set up as a sponge on the end of a string.


Bob’s work has also led to many patents including a number that you probably use just about every day without even knowing they are there. Like Meridian Lossless Packaging or MLP a patented lossless digital compression system allowing more music to be stored or transferred in the same space, while retaining bit-perfect reproduction. The technology is now included in the Blu-ray Disc specification. Or the Meridian Apodising Filter a unique proprietary digital up-sampling filter delivering purer, sweeter sound and even cleaning up recording faults caused by inferior processing. Included as part of the upsampling system in several Meridian components, the Apodising filter is now included as part of Dolby® Laboratories’ True HD Encoder for Blu-ray Disc under the name “Advanced 96k Upsampling”. And then there is Meridian Room Correction, Meridian’s acclaimed proprietary DSP room correction system that smoothes out room resonances for clearer sound and better imaging.

I could go on for days and days and pages and pages, but I will not do that to you. When you have a chance come by the store and see and hear some of the truly amazing products that Meridian makes.

It will be worth your time…I promise.

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