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Home Video: Why Calibrate My TV??

I think it is safe to say that almost everyone has owned a television whether it was a CRT, Flat Panel, or even using a projector. Among the millions of people who have televisions, how many of us have ever considered having someone professionally calibrate them? Wait, What is a calibration and why do I need it?


The purpose of calibrating a TV is to have the TV look the best it can while providing the picture the way it was intended to be. The two things impacted most by a calibration is having greater detail by achieving better black levels and up to 50% savings in energy consumption. Consider it like this, as consumers there is two things that make a television look good to us. Those two are an overly bright picture that will hurt our eyes in our own house and over-saturated colors that make grass on a playing field look like plastic. The reason they come out of the box like this is because the manufacturers know what the consumer is looking for when they are looking at a wall of TV’s. Whichever is more colorful and brighter is always the TV that is purchased. Once you get the TV to your house and start watching it, you notice how the brightness is very fatiguing to your eyes. That is one of the many reasons you want to get your television calibrated by a professional. The comparison used is that leaving your HDTV at factory settings is like installing a new air conditioner without setting the thermostat. Even basic picture setting adjustments could improve your TV’s performance dramatically. We believe that having your TV calibrated will have a greater impact on the picture quality than the brand or features employed within it.

What is adjusted within the television to make the picture quality that much better? Well first you have to begin with a source that you know how it was produced. This is the reason we use generator to produce test patterns. The settings we adjust are brightness, contrast, color, tint, bit-mapping, sharpness, gray scale, geometry, color gamut, and gamma. The result of the adjustments gives you an incredible picture quality like you have never seen before. These adjusts cannot be done by your average untrained individual. To achieve the best quality you have to calibrate the TV to a specific day and night setting in the room by using thousands of dollars worth of equipment to take measurements while you fine tune the settings.

This is by far the most important investment you can make to have your new or old television perform at the best of its ability. If you have any questions about our calibration service please feel free to give us a call, send us a message using the form located at the top-right of this page or just come in and see me, Brandon!

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