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Why Panamax Surge Protection?


There are at least 3 reasons to have a good home theater line conditioner: Surge Protection, Improved Picture/Sound (line filtering), and Power On Sequencing. Do not assume your picture or sound cannot be improved over it’s current state!

Panamax products WILL protect your system, and they are guaranteed by Panamax to do so. Power Protection and Surge Suppression should not be taken lightly! There are all sorts of claims out there about various technologies being better or worse for surge protection. In reality, proper surge protection is a little more complex than that. No one technology should be considered the best for all circumstances. The Panamax surge protection devices we sell are proven products, with a long history of successful protection, even if you need lightning surge protection. Panamax Surge Suppressors carry a protected equipment warranty. In other words, they are *guaranteed* to protect by the manufacturer! No hype and fancy talk, just real surge protection with proven technologies, even home theater surge protection. Power protectors use a hybrid technology, combining the best technologies for the ultimate in protection. This gives you the best surge protector available!

We are a trained dealer of Panamax products. The surge protector products sold for home theater need to be carefully hooked up, improper hookup is bad for your equipment and voids your warranty. Please contact us after you purchase your items so we can help you to properly hook up your equipment. We have found approximately 1 out of 3 people hook up their equipment improperly, putting them at increased risk to suffer damage.

Reasons why surge protector products are better:


Panamax warrants their units and the equipment connected to them, if you buy from an authorized dealer. While this may seem like a minor concern according to some web sites, think about it. If they were not confident their equipment works, they would not warrant connected equipment. But they do. Also, with over 3 million sold, clearly, they wouldn’t be selling them any more if they did not work as they would be paying more and more claims every year as the installed base grew.


Panamax Power surge protectors use a hybrid design, using various technologies which when combined offer the best possible surge protection. If you are thinking series mode protector, think again, they use a coil, and coils pass voltage through during prolonged surges.


No surge protection technology can possibly work unless all signal paths coming into and out of your system are protected. Some competing brands actually sell units that have AC only protection! They are useless unless you protect all paths.


Panamax surge proectors have a response time of less than 1 nanosecond. This is critical in protecting from surges! If you have a UPS or are considering one, please note that most of them provide a 5NS response time, this is NOT good. Also, a question to ask if you are considering a UPS is does it protect all the signal paths? Also, please be aware that UPSs add LOTS of noise to an audio/video system, you will greatly reduce the quality of your system with a UPS.

PROTECTION and “Series Mode”

What about series mode surge protection? Series mode protection by itself is good, but has some weaknesses. One major weakness is that common mode impulses generated by in house surges or other types of surges are unprotected by a series mode surge protector, bet they didn’t tell you that. Or, maybe they said they do not occur or are not large enough to cause any damage? The UL1449 spec they like to quote *requires* a common mode surge test, why would they have the test if it was not important? Panamax Power surge protectors protect against common mode surges. Also, series mode proponents claim that other protectors have short lifetimes, while theirs does not. The manufacturer of the components used for AC protection rates their product as having a lifetime of 500 years if you had a direct hit by lightning on your power feed once per year (IEEE 500 amp test pulse). Or, you could easily handle 100,000 100 amp surges. Another claim is that Panamax Power surge protectors shunt all surges to ground. Not so! Surges are diverted to neutral and ground, making all 3 phases have the same potential, meaning no downstream damage, unlike the claims. Also, they claim that mode 2 protectors inflate by massive factors the ground reference, we can direct you to sources in the power industry that says this can happen without any mode 2 protector, the case is vastly overstated, and since they do not protect against those types of surges… Series mode protectors really do NOT pass the UL1449 rating as that requires passing the mode 2 protection test, it is part of the UL1449 spec. They get out of it by not having any surge protection except for hot-neutral, and therefore there is nothing to test, all semantics. Which means other types of surges are *completely* unprotected. Ask them what happens during a prolonged surge, as in 10 seconds, or minutes say during a storm. Also, if the surge exceeds their rated capacity, any coil design gets overloaded, and overloaded coils pass through the voltage. If they tell you you cannot possibly get a surge in excess of 6,000 volts, wrong again. Finally, most of the ones we’ve seen do NOT guarantee they will protect your system, Panamax does!

You can also get additional information from the Panamax Surge Protection.

This is a great article by www.powersystemsdirect.com/


Ask Ron About Panamax Surge Protection

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