Rudi, I want to thank you again for the great buying experience you provided me last week.

While I was making a relatively small purchase, you treated me as a valued customer.  I am very happy with my Lumin U1 Mini, which does sound better than my Bluesound Node 2i.  It also gets along better with my Anthem AVM 60.  For whatever reason, the Bluesound units work fine connected to 2 different stereo preamps/dacs.

I truly enjoyed your listening tour of the three sound rooms.  Great experiences!  However, I do have one complaint (kidding).  As I left, you suggested there were reasonably priced turntables that I might want to try out, so that I might rediscover vinyl.  Consequently, I have spent many hours researching options that are affordable.  As such, would you be kind enough to offer me some insights and suggestions?


Robbie F