Rudi, thanks so much to you and your crew for installing a wonderful system for me yesterday.

I feel bad that you hurt your thumb, but hopefully it will heal soon!  I enjoyed lots of music yesterday – TIDAL, CD, TV music channels – plus a movie.  You are right, movies sound wonderful on those two speakers, with dialogue being much clearer.  I am amazed at the sound quality of TIDAL.  I enjoyed hearing the speakers while having dinner in my dining room last night – just the perfect level of sound in the background.

With all of the excitement yesterday, I forgot to mention payment!  Once you get the final bill together, with whatever changes are needed for the longer cables, installation charge, etc., please email it to me, then I can call you for credit card payment.  I have some errands to run this morning so it will probably be this afternoon before I have time to call.

Again, thanks so much!  Also give me a quote on those nicer floor pads for the spikes.

David G