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Why shop at specialty stores like Ask The Advisors?

You know sometimes I really wonder about the people I talk to

Just the other day I had a customer walk through the door with some questions about HDMI cables. Now HDMI can be confusing to begin with, but what was even more confusing was where he went first to try get his questions answered. He went to one of the Big Buy stores. Surprisingly enough he took the time to talk to 3 different “sales associates before giving up and leaving. He then stumbled upon our store by accident seeing the sign on his way down the road. The scary part is that I know most of you reading this are now shaking your head and going “yeah that keeps happening to me too“.

Really, so why do you keep going to the Big Buy store for answers?

Now the fact that this particular client was completely unable to find anyone at the Big Buy location that knew anything about HDMI was not a surprise to us. The big surprise to me is that he went there in the first place! Why did he go there? Why do any of you go there? Can anyone reading this article remember a time that they went to a Big Buy type of store looking for help and knowledge and left having had a positive experience?

RonI have been in the Audio / Video Industry now for 30 years yes I am that old.

30 years this means that I have been in this industry for at least 12 years longer than the “Sales Associate” you just spoke to at the Big Buy has been alive! Is it any wonder that these guys and gals are not very knowledgeable? It is not really their fault they may be very interested in the Audio and Video gear; I am sure that is why they went and got a job in the store in the first place.

There is just not enough training available, and the turn over is so high that the chances of you finding a smart, competent associate who cares is really incredibly low. Our staff has been around for a very long time. Our turn over is un-believably low. We have experience with the very best gear that is out there, and we know how to maximize the gear in your home to get the most out of it.

People are surprised to know that we still do a lot of car audio / video systems; we have been doing them for 28 years now. Here again we have a bit of an edge. Our head Car Technician has been with us for 23 years! 23 Years! Tom has worked on cars that most of the guys at the Big Buy have never even seen in person. Who do you want to work on your baby the guy that has always wanted to work on a new Mercedes; or the guy that has done so many that they are old hat to him now?

This is starting to look like a bit of a rant so let me go ahead and come to my point.

If you want to learn about something that you are not familiar with you should always seek out the most experienced people in your area to ask. I will never understand why so many people will go to the Big Buy store, buy something without shopping around and then be surprised when it does not perform the way they hoped it would. This is a self fulfilling prophecy. You went and asked a bunch of questions about a TV from a guy that knew less than you, bought what he recommended and surprise, surprise you are now disappointed by the outcome! Many of these associates have never even seen gear of the quality and performance that we deal with every day, how can they possibly give you good advice?

The next portion of this rant is even more direct.

At many of the Big Buy type of stores in your area the sales associates are paid on commission or spiffs. What this means is that they will be paid handsomely to sell what the management wants sold and paid little or nothing if they sell the wrong thing. Hmmmm, you mean that guy in the logoed shirt might not have your very best interests at heart when he tells you which TV is the best? At Ask the Advisors we pay our guys to be here they get paid the same no matter what you buy. And guess what else; because we do not spend all of our money advertising; we need you to come back over and over again, and send all your friends in to see us. This only happens if we match you with gear that blows away your expectations! It is in our best interest to always sell you what is in your best interest what a concept. This is something we call The Ask the Advisors Win-Win relationship. The other bit of good news is that you will not pay any more to shop with us! Really, we guarantee our prices so you can come to a place where you will get knowledgeable help, the very best installations and get a great price as well.

Finally let’s talk about having your gear installed and set up.

This can in many cases be the most important part of the process; the gear has become increasingly sophisticated and proper set-up is key to great performance. Here again it should be a no brainer. We have a large number of technicians with an amazing amount of experience with the gear we sell ready to do your installation. Some companies that sell you installation services do not do any of the work at all. How would it feel to buy a new TV and wall bracket, and then have a van with a name you have never heard of show up at your door and tell you they are the install company that was contracted to do the work? Plus what about service after the sale; we have service available 24/7 just a telephone call away.

So the next time you are considering Audio / Video / Car Audio etc. stop in at Ask the Advisors and try us out. I absolutely guarantee you an experience so much better than your last experience at the Big Buy store that you will in fact come back again and again and send all of your friends in as well.


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